Learning in Action!!!

Great news ::: !! Yesterday's Alive Food class: A Conversation About Overeating was a hit! There were a couple of exciting moments that I was able to witness how much I've grown as a presenter. 

For instance, there was a woman in class who was continually yawning, checking her phone, and looking at her watch, while making the strangest facial expressions throughout the class. At first, I let thisthrow me off my game. I felt the doubt increase of what I was doing as she yawned again and again. But just as I started to spiral into insecurity it occurred to me that what she is experiencing could have NOTHING to do w me. (WHAT?!?!?! oh, wow!!!) She looked exhausted for one thing… she could have just gotten a terrible nights sleep (I can relate!) and the topic of discussion is edgy and often uncomfortable. Possibly it was her relationship w the topic that made her seem so distant and distracted. WHO KNOWS!?!?! The point is, that no one does except her... and I have decided I don't want to take other people's stuff on by immediately thinking it has something to do with me! 

So, instead of meeting her back with judgment (as a younger and more insecure version of myself would have), When I realized this, I swear I felt my heart swell for compassion for this woman. My heart is still growing from the experience. Yes! To the journey!