We gotta be the love we wish to see in this world….

I want to live in a world where ....

On a snowy/rainy day when someone is pulling a big suitcase up a hill and getting pounded by the sleet, someone pulls over and offers them a ride. 

Oh, wait ~ I do live in this world ... AND this just happened! I checked in w myself to feel if it was a good idea to offer this guy a ride, who was carrying some serious luggage in some not-so-kind weather conditions. When I pulled over and asked he SO gratefully accepted. After loading up my trunk he sat in the passenger seat, stuck out his hand and in the sexiest Danish accent introduced himself as Aaron. :) :) 

We/I gotta BE the peace, kindness, love that I wish to see in this world. Good thing life continues offer these experiences over and over and over. I just had no idea it would come wrapped in a sexy accent today ;)