Here in Costa Rica!

It is beautiful. I listen to the music of the water as the waves steadily make their entrance to land. 

When I saw this mural I was immediately drawn to it because it feels like the way we come together as a community. No matter language, beliefs, judgements, religion. We have the opportunity to hold/move/love each other as we are and let this OPEN us to unity even more. Yesterday this was demonstrated to me...

Read this story knowing that I don't speak much Spanish. 

While I was walking alone down the gravel street, after receiving some sad news about my grandmother (more about this later) and waterfalls of salty tears were flowing from my eyes … my heart feeling so tender and open, I slid on the gravel and fell. Hard. After I picked myself up I noticed that I cut my knee pretty deep as blood flowed down my leg from this new wound.

Ohhh~ it was hot and dusty and MORE tears began to come from my already wet eyes. I walked along … not really knowing what to do. I felt embarrassed that I was injured and I didn't want to bother anyone for help, ya know~ especially when I don't speak Spanish?!?! I knew that I had to clean it, but didn't know where. After walking for only a short bit I went to this little cafe and these Three beautiful Tico (costa rican) women (angels) immediately rushed to my aid. When they realized I couldn't speak Spanish they took over the show~ they sat me down, got the hose out to wash my wound, cleaned it nicely, bandaged it up. But it was as if they could feel that it was more than my knee that was hurting … when they were all finished one of the women grabbed my hand and held it while gesturing for me to rest her head on shoulder. Because I had permission to cry, more tear flowed. This is JUST as my grandma holds me. As I cried, she held me. 

Language does matter in certain situations. And in some places/more than I (we) think, it doesn't~ we are all human. We all cry. And we all have grandmothers~ even if we aren't necessarily related by blood.