Quantum Newtonian Balls!

Hey YOO!!! 

These are named Quantum Newtonian Balls because they are the next step forward from Fig Newton cookies. Just as Quantum is the next step in science from Newtonian physics. The progression continues!

Here's the scoop: I used to LOVE Fig Newton cookies when I was growing up. I loved how they were soft and a little bit crunchy because of the fig seeds. I loved how they were gooey … and I loved the flavor. Now that I don't eat gluten, and try to eat a whole foods diet most of the time, I thought I would create my own figalicious version of course with some extra spins!! Are you ready??!?!? 

Tools needed: Food Processor  &  Recipe Yields: about 20 balls 


2 cups cashews

1 cup turkish figs

3 Tablespoons maple syrup

1/2 tsp of almond extract

1/4 cup dried cherries

Optional: dash of sea salt~ about 1/8 tsp


1) Process nuts in food processor and when well blended set aside 1/4 cup (this is to garnish the balls) 

2) Destem figs … and upon adding them to the food processor open each fig to make sure there isn't any mold! Add figs to food processor along with all the ingredients EXCEPT dried cherries and sea salt. 

3) Process until contents are sticky and well mixed. 

4) Add cherries and sea salt process until well mixed

5) Roll into little balls and then through ground up cashews to 'dress up'

6) Refrigerate and serve chilled~ ENJOY!!