Start Living Life

I don't think it is fair to our lives to put off living until we reach a certain material goal. So many of us are familiar with this story ::: When I lose 10lbs I can finally find the love of myself" … "When I lose 25lbs I can finally get the job I want" … " When I lose 5lbs, that is when I can finally find a boyfriend/girlfriend." As these stories are continually retold, living life gets postponed. We are never really present to live the experiences that are showing up in the moment.  I say … Let us move on from the story and start living now. Where does life want to be experienced? Choosing to show up to live, regardless of how much we weigh, has a significant impact on our health and ability to burn calories. (I'll explain this more in-depth in another video.) 

I propose this : What if, by choosing to live now, we looked at it as an actual tool to lose weight? Hmmm!!!!  

Here I share my process w you and invite you to join me! What stories are you releasing? Where is life wanting to be lived?