Bumpin' Beet Basil Bliss Soup

Ohhhh GOODNESS it has been too long! I took a nice break in July and now I am back to share a favorite recipe of mine. It is nice to be back in action~  and do I have a recipe for YOU~ and you and YoU~ and you too. 

Beet Basil Bliss Soup~ raw, vegan, gf (the works)

Equipment needed: high speed blender

Yields about 3 cups


2 beets

2 carrots

1 small zucchini

2 celery stalks

1/2 avocado

3 garlic cloves (warning, I LOVE GARLIC so adjust as needed)

1/2 cucumber

1/4 cup of basil leaves

1/2 lemon

1/2 apple

3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons gf tamari

2 Tablespoons of olive oil

3/4 cup filtered water

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds for garnish

1/8 cup dulse for garnish


Put everything in blender EXCEPT basil and BLEND!!! When it is contents are magically turned into a liquid and well blended add basil and blend. 

Pour chilled contents into a bowl and garnish with pumpkin seeds, dulse and dried cranberries. Let is swirl around your mouth and heart and get ready to bust out some new dance moves. :) :)