One Year Anniversary of stepping out of the shame closet

One year ago I shared a video revealing one of my deepest secrets. A secret that lived in my bones and between my cells. Prior to releasing this video very few people knew this about me. It wasn't until after I opened this part of my past, that I experienced a profound healing in my relationship with food and my body.

As a 'one year anniversary' of coming out of the shame closet of imbalanced food behavior, I am reposting this because it is so important to our personal and collective healing to remember that we are NEVER alone in our struggles. Ever. And actually, we can use shame ~ and the behaviors we have used to make us feel separate and alone~ to actually bring us together.

I am also posting this as a reminder to myself that however big a challenge may seem, inside of it exists the same size of opportunity. However, it is up to me to interpret it as either a challenge or an opportunity.heart emoticon heart emoticon

Thank you Kate Mullin for inviting me to share my story and heal in such a galactic way. I love you foreverssss.