Posture Blossom

Which pic feels more uplifting, flattering, hopeful and trusting to you? 🤔!!

Our posture communicates a lot about us.

It is one of the strongest non-verbal communicators there is. What is interesting to me is that not only are we communicating to those around us with our posture, but our posture is also communicating to our own bodies. The way we are holding ourselves (posture) influences hormones and neurotransmitters and probably do much more and it is absolutely fascinating! 

For example: A shortened belly w shoulders collapsed inward literally communicates to the body sadness and depression because that is the shape the nervous system takes in those states of being. An open and long belly w full ribs and arms extended up and out communicate to the body we are happy because that is the expression of happiness. In this posture we decrease cortisol and increases testosterone.

Come and learn an empowering posture w me in my Bowspring online class series. A strong and soft posture that you take into every aspect of your life and all of your relationships I teach you how to embody a posture of humble confidence while also helping you to feel strong and open.

It is radically different.

It is radically amazing.

I call it the ‘Posture Blossom’! 🌟🐰🦋 come and posture blossom w me using the powerful Bowspring method!! This alignment helps to heal chronic pain while also teaching you how to maintain a healthy posture in all that you do.

We begin in two weeks! Let me know if you want more info. 💕🐰

Please note : I realize that I am always growing 👏🏼 and am still working on my posture and how to hold myself in a posture of ‘trust’ in all of life’s experiences. From the second photo I see that I can fill and lift through my back ribs a little bit more. #alwayslearning #bowspring #postureblossom #posture #posturematters