Crunches be gone! The truth to a toned core.

I once believed that by doing crunches I would get a toned core. Hmmmm ... I did a lot of crunches and to no avail ... no strong core or ‘flat’ belly. (Note: my goal has shifted and I no longer aim towards a flat .. anything!😆)

I shortened and ‘crunched’ for a long time, until I learned the power in the opposite ... how to lengthen my belly through the bow alignment.

What a difference I experienced in tone and strength! Oh da long belly!!

What happens when the belly lengthens?

•nourishes the whole digestion process

•opens creativity

•automatically opens the front of the throat (where most people have a tendency to close)

•tone and strengthens all of the muscles

•demonstrates courage and a willingness to embody a new perspective

And a lot more! Learn how to open your belly in a way that supports the health of your back and your whole being.

Can you see the slightest lift to my heels in these photos? That lift is activating the back chain of muscles in my body ... WHAAAAA?!?! So cool how everything is connected and the slightest bit of engages my glutes and everything else. #lovethispractice

Introduction of Bowspring online class series begins Nov 5! DM me for more details. #bowspring #lengthen #learn #grow #longbellieshavemorefun