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Level UP and Optimize

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Level UP and Optimize!

Powerful growth doesn’t happen when we always stay comfortable. Of course, experiencing comfort in life is very nourishing however, if we don’t create discomfort in controlled environments we are not actualizing our fullest potential.

So let’s step into together, shall we?!?!

Join me for my Level UP and Optimize class series where we will join in a level 1 Bowspring practice twice a week along with these other practices so we can truly begin to optimize our health, well-being and attitude.

These “Weekly Invites” include:

*Hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold showers! I know cold therapy is edgy, but it is worth getting over the fear of the cold in an controlled environment to utilize its powerful benefits. End your shower on cold and feel refreshed, invigorated, inspired throughout your day. This is such a mood enhancer!

*Committing your body to be a “Hydration Station!” It sounds simple but many of us are dehydrated day in and day out! This is impacting our energy levels, physiology, our ability to think clearly more than we know it. Every cellular response uses water in the body and if we don’t have adequate stores of water then we are not functioning optimally.

*Meditation: Either begin a small meditation practice or enhance your current mediation practice. Making a commitment around this can be edgy, but will enhance your stride exponentially!

More to come on all of these!

This course is designed to support you stepping, tip-toeing, or leaping outside of your comfort zone.

“It’s a Choose your own adventure!” … that means, your call with what you choose to do or not.

In order to sign up you must be familiar with the Bowspring practice. You are already familiar with the Bowspring alignment and want to enhance your practice.

Please note, the times are in Mountain Standard Time and we meet every Monday and Wednesday from 10-11:15am.

This is a five week series and we meet over Zoom video conferencing. If you are not able to make the class times, than you will be sent the recording.

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