Bowspring Instructor, Master Nutrition Therapist, Emotional Eating Coach and Food Quality Educator

I'm Paris and everything that I offer is centered around you feeling your BEST!

I am here to make the world a better place. I know that is trite ... but let's break it down really simply :

When people have been sitting all day with poor posture, eating processed (hyper-allergenic) food, experiencing pain and not thinking clearly, the likelihood of being a jerk is high! Verse when the body is feeling good, it is much easier to kind to self and others. 

And kindness my friends, makes the world a better place!  See, simple ;)

I am based in Pueblo Colorado yet teach many online classes. I am also open to traveling to teach workshops!


Work with me to ...

  • Learn the Bowspring alignment system that is helping people all over the world overcome chronic pain

  • Know what foods are good for your particular biochemistry and what foods do support wellness for you

  • Overcome overeating, binge eating, chronic dieting patterns


What better time to feel your best?

Check out my offerings to learn more about what I do!